This gift came late in life for me.

Growing up from childhood I

never had an interest in being an artist

mostly because I didn't know how to.

I couldn't draw.

Not even a presentable stick figure.


So this was a huge surprise to me

when God led me to pick up my iPad

and only using my finger, start drawing.


Digital portrait caricatures.

A tablet. A finger.

Artistically I can't use a stylus  to draw.

With my finger I feel each stroke,

the sensation of each line drawn.

That's a feeling that a stylus can't give.

Drawing is my Peace.

A gift from above.

I'm inspired by Spirit, by the city and by colors.


Most asked question

Do you add skin colors?



I don't add skin tones and shades to all of my doodles.

There are some drawings that I keep in their canvas state.

My Doodles are non-representative. They can be any woman, anywhere. 

I love that! 

I'm grateful and pleased that

Portra Doodles are recognized for that specific style.

I really love the energy and style of your work! They are so powerful, but playful too.
S. Gabriel
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